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Storage Unit FAQs | Sturgeon Bay Storage

Family Owned & Operated Local Storage Facility in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin

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We rent storage units for business and personal use. You have control over what is stored in your unit. As a renter, your rights are protected through a rental agreement.

Our business clients include lawyers, accountants, and doctors storing office documents; retail businesses storing merchandise, furniture and telecommunication equipment; and contractors storing construction equipment and building materials. Our individual users include homeowners preparing to sell their homes, or begin remodeling projects; automobile or motorcycle owners storing their vehicles over the winter months; students going home for the summer, travelers storing household items while overseas, and apartment dwellers or homeowners needing extra space for seasonal items.

First, give us a call. We’ll provide you with current unit availability and prices. If you decide to rent from us, we’ll ask you to review and sign our rental agreement. For your convenience, we can meet with you at our office, the storage facility, or if time allows, mail the agreement to you. A Security Deposit and the first three months of rent are required when the rental agreement is signed. We’ll work hard to meet your storage needs and schedule. Under an extenuating circumstance, we may offer a shorter period rental, but the shorter period rental will not be available at the same pricepoint.

We rent a wide variety of sizes. Our smallest units are great for storing boxes and clothing. Our largest units can hold the furnishings of a four bedroom house or an automobile. You can see all of our unit sizes and locations by visiting the "Storage Unit Information" page. For you convenience we have made them all printable!

The monthly rental rates for our storage units depend on the location you select and the unit size. Please contact us for a price quote on a storage unit that will fit your specific needs.

As with most self storage facilities, we do not provide insurance for the items in your storage unit. However, your homeowners or renters insurance may cover self storage. Please check your insurance policy, or call your insurance agent.

Yes. We’ve taken special precautions to keep your items dry. Each storage facility is designed to move rain and surface water away from the storage units. At all of our locations, the storage unit floors are specifically engineered to prevent water from entering under the storage unit doors.

We offer both standard and temperature controlled storage units. We offer assistance in helping you decide whether you need a standard storage unit or a temperature controlled storage unit.

As long as you wish. Our rental agreement language is based on a month to month tenancy, however we do have a three month minimum policy. We are able to offer a shorter tenancy period under an extenuating circumstance. We require only a 30-day termination notice prior to the end of the month.

We require the use of a disc style lock. You are welcome to use your own lock if you wish, or you may purchase one from us.

Your rent must always be paid prior to the beginning of the storage period. You can pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly. Payments can be made by cash, check, money order, or use a debit/cc to setup auto-pay.

Yes. If your needs change, we’ll make every effort to facilitate your move to a different size unit.

Yes. Placing items on pallets in your storage unit will promote air circulation around your stored goods and protect items that are sensitive to humidity like upholstered furniture or fine wood items.

Yes. You can not store food, perishable items, flammables, explosives, hazardous wastes, etc. Our lease describes these restrictions in more detail. Please contact us if you have questions on storage of a particular item.


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